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Why are plastic pots so bad for the earth?


An in-depth study of the production, use, disposal, and environmental impact of horticultural plastic containers culminated in a research paper published in July 2020. The research revealed that plastic pots significantly contribute to the proliferation of plastic pollution, with numerous adverse environmental effects. As an organization committed to stewardship of the land, APLD is concerned about our industry’s reliance on a material that does not biodegrade, leaches toxins into soils and groundwater, is difficult to recycle, and is primarily manufactured from fossil fuels. A more sustainable product for growing, shipping, and selling plant material must be found.

Click the cover below to read the whole research paper and click on the infographic to download our "Not So Fun" Facts!

Pages from APLD_PlasticPotsWhitePaper_Final.jpg

Plastics Mess on Aisle 2 in the Green Industry


Marie Chieppo speaks about the use of plastic pots on the Mike Nowak Show with Peggy Malecki.

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